Commercial Roof Insulation (New & Existing Buildings)

spray foam roofing dallas and fort worth texas

Spray Foam Insulation being applied to a roof

roof damage and leaks before spray foam insulation plano tx

Before spray foam application to roof - leaks and damage

Spray foam roofing, used in combination with an elastomeric coating, is the best way to protect your commercial property from leaks.  It also adds structural support and reduces energy costs by cutting the amount of heat the building absorbs from the sun, or the amount of heat the building loses from within.

Our commercial spray foam is made from rigid, closed cell foam which is sprayed directly onto the surface of the roof and sets in just a matter of minutes, providing you with a system that acts like a blanket on your roof that is seamless, lightweight and completely waterproof.

Our spray foam is able to adhere to virtually every surface, including cap sheet, metal, BUR and EPDM, so even when your roof has reached the end of its life, there is no need to rip it off and have a new one fitted. Simply spray on our unique closed-cell foam, apply a special coating and your new roof is complete!

Because the ultraviolet rays from the sun are linked to the deterioration of any surface that is exposed to them, a vital element of our spray foam roofing systems are our protective coatings. After applying the spray foam to the roof of your commercial building, a coating of acrylic or silicone will render it immune to degradation from UV rays and variations in temperature.

Acrylic & Silicone Coatings

repairs to roof attempted before spray foam applicatoin

Before roofing spray foam - failed roof repairs to commercial building

These coatings also provide unique waterproofing properties, being totally resistant to hydrostatic pressure.

Our protective coatings come in a range of different varieties, with different ratings for emissivity and reflectivity depending on your needs, as well as a choice of different colors.

Benefits of Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

  • No leaks
  • Provides exceptional wind resistance
  • Superior insulating value
  • Lightweight
  • Asbestos free
  • Can adhere to almost any kind of surface
  • Lessens building movement


rigid spray foam insulation being applied to commercial roof in richardson tx

Rigid spray foam insulation being applied to roof of commercial building to seal and insulate


Roofing Spray Foam insulation dallas tx

Spray Foam Insulation being applied to Roof